Organically raised. Food and Fiber.


Our family owns and operates Sutton Ridge Farm where we grow and raise high-quality food for your table and beautiful, natural fibers for textiles, crafting and art. Crop diversity and crop rotation coupled with multi-species pasture rotation helps to ensure good health for the animals and the land. Products available include: 100% grass-fed, dry-aged Highland beef; milk-fed pork, grass-fed lamb, raw fleeces, roving, yarn, wool products, and whole grains.


                                  Sutton Ridge Farm is located 35 miles southwest of the Twin Cities.


Fiber Art Contest

Call For Entries! Sutton Ridge Farm is seeking local fiber artists. Click here for contest information.

Click here for Entry form.  Deadline is July 15th!

Learn more about the Natural Fiber Alliance, co-sponsor of the contest.

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